What is cloud computing?

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Cloud computing is a service that allows a stationary or remote mobile workstation to receive various computing services from anywhere to anywhere through the network. The network can be the Internet or the workstation link through dedicated data lines to the vendor website that provides the requested computing services. The site that provides the service is actually an information and communication systems center with the power to process information, store information, organize information, share information, retrieve information as needed and maintain information through information security systems.
The cloud computing model represents a globalization approach in computing.

The geographical distance limit is breached and does not exist, the cloud user has access from anywhere in the world to the information he needs (subject to permissions). The service provider will ensure high availability, cloud security, satisfactory performance, and protection of customer information.

This approach allows you to avoid investing in purchasing servers, communications equipment, storage equipment and all other infrastructure needed for a computing center. In addition, the user saves on network management costs and training network administrators. The user will pay for the service only according to the required computing power. In addition the cloud service allows almost unlimited flexibility for the user who can regulate the computing power according to his needs at any given time. If the workload is large, the computing power will increase accordingly and if after a while the load decreases so will the computing power, and the service pricing will be calculated accordingly.

The “user” or customer “can be a home consumer with all their needs summed up in email and document backup, he can be any SMB organization that uses a mail server and a small number of app servers, and can be a large company whose website has a large personal computer network that needs For a broad and complex computing system with a large number of applications, servers, and networks that receive the service from the cloud through the ISP or data provider data lines.

The term “cloud computing” is basically an explosive name for a simple and old principle. As early as the early 1960s, a team was established at MIT led by Joseph Liclider who shared a common vision that the computer would be a universal and available service like the electrical and water services provided immediately upon opening the faucet or plugging into an outlet. And this without knowing or understanding the process that goes beyond the tap or outlet.




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