Virus protection masks – is this trend meant to stay?

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The emergence of the corona virus in recent months has put the whole world in a crazy spin, including us here in Canada.

What is a virus  in general? It is a basic life form, not really a living substance, a parasite to the body into which it enters. It is different from a bacterium because it is not independent in its own right, and “lives” only within the body to which it is attached. A virus is very small (up to 100 times smaller than a bacterium).

Is it going to end anytime soon? Can we turn the wheel back and live as we lived until a few months ago? Can we celebrate and meet again in mass gatherings in the theater? Parties? Weddings? Chapels?

The question marks, doubts and expectations will accompany us for a long time to come!

Will there be a vaccine soon? Will the vaccine help? We do hope that the vaccine will arrive quickly and it is assumed that it will help. But again – the vaccine will not always help and especially for people with poor immune system and adults.

Is anyone who has had coronary heart disease already protected from this damn disease? For what period is it protected? Is it forever? And what about young and old? And what about people with background illnesses? And what about those who have a problem with their immune system?

Experts claim that the corona virus will stay with us for a long time to come! So what can be done?

The first thing to learn from experienced people! Anyone who has flown abroad in recent years has noticed that it is people with appearance from the Far East or older people who go to the airport with sunscreens on their faces. With face masks.

About ten years ago with the onset of the SARS epidemic in the East mostly residents of these countries realized that if they wanted to somehow lead a life routine similar to what they had in the past they had to change a number of things and the mask is part of the change in their life routine.

So there is a good chance that these masks will become a part of our lives in the coming years …

Do face masks help or not?

Wearing a mask does not guarantee that we will not be infected with any viral disease, but the mask can significantly reduce our chances of contracting diseases. Viruses can penetrate through our eyes for example, but our nose and mouth exhale and inhale air so most of our infections originate from these exhalations and inhalations.

The mask is definitely effective in absorbing and stopping droplets of liquid like saliva, a runny nose that someone else has spread in the air. Studies show that a mask can reduce infection up to 5 times. If we want to be close to someone who has fallen ill, then the mask is an excellent protection. The mask is an excellent protection especially in enclosed places.

An ordinary person touches the lips in the nose and rubs eyes really involuntarily. When I went with a mask I felt several times that I came to touch my nose or lips and then I came across a mask that stopped me. Beyond the air One of the most common ways of self-infection from disease is by touching ourselves with dirty hands in the nose and mouth. A mask will prevent this. Of course we can “delight” ourselves by touching the nose and mouth after we take off the mask and wash our hands thoroughly with soap.

The quality of the mask is very important. A mask can protect the environment from us and on the other hand can protect ourselves from the environment. A poor quality mask will protect the environment from us – which is very important. But a quality mask will protect ourselves from the environment. The more particles the mask can filter out and even viruses the more it will protect us. The more layers of protection the mask has, the better it will protect us.

There is a considerable variety of masks, which are divided into tax. Families:

• Home masks – it is not clear how effective they are against viruses
• Surgical masks – protect the environment from the wearer, but do not protect the person wearing them.
• Quality masks with the KN95 or FFP2 standard – which filters at least 95% of the particles carried in the air, including bacteria and viruses. It is recommended that these masks have an official standard approval, such as the US standard issued by the FDA. You can find amazing masks on Med PPE Canada – an amazing store for medical protective gear.
Most masks are for single use and should be discarded after use, but there are reusable masks – which can be reused for a limited period (ventilating the mask or putting it in the oven at 70 degrees for at least half an hour).

That is why a face mask is very important and the better it is, and the more we know how to handle it, the more it will help us.




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