How to buy your next Diamond engagement ring

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Buying an engagement ring is not a cheap business at all and if you do not approach it properly it can even be dangerous. There is a big problem in this area and it is the fact that the buyer does not usually understand a thing and a half about the product he is buying. The buyer arrives at a store full of diamonds in different shapes, colors and sizes without understanding about the product he is looking to purchase, these opening figures for a deal worth thousands of shekels and sometimes even more endanger the buyer who can easily find himself falling into the sellers’ bin. There are thousands of types of diamonds or diamond rings that in the unprofessional eye look exactly the same as real diamonds, in order to prevent you from buying one at the price of a real diamond we will highlight the following issues.

Basic knowledge required before purchasing a jewelry set with diamonds

Each diamond has several parameters according to which its value is estimated. The main ones are: the size of the diamond, the color and purity of the diamond, the cut of the diamond and the weight of the diamond.

The color, cleanliness and size of the wholesale diamonds have several quality levels that are important to ask the seller about. (10 basic paint levels, 12 cleanliness levels).

In addition to the size of the diamond, it is measured in carats so that each carat is worth one hundred points or close to 0.2 grams, the larger the number of points the higher the price.

And as for the cut of the diamond there are a large number of parameters which directly affect the quality of the diamond as well as its price. For all these details we have no understanding and knowledge at all, even if we look at the diamond well well we probably will not be able to draw from it more than a meager piece of information.

It is therefore important to obey the following rules before purchasing diamonds:

1) Warranty certificate – it is very important to make sure you receive a certificate when buying the jewelry. This certificate aims to atone for all the ignorance we have on the subject and for the entire certificate to include the details of the diamond objectively. This certificate is called a gemological certificate and should not be issued by the chain where you buy the diamond but by a serious place that is not directly related to the chain or store from which you are buying. If the certificate is issued by the chain or store from which you buy, they will be able to write in it anything they want without our ability to verify the issue.

2) A large diamond is better than a few small ones – Sometimes you can see diamond-rich jewelry on the market that looks very spectacular but their value is much lower than a simple ring with one large central diamond. So do not fall for the spectacular and lush look of small diamonds because their value and worth are very low. In addition, the value of the diamond only increases over the years, so if you want to sell the piece of jewelry you purchased in the future, its value will increase if the diamond in it is worth it.

Do not forget, pay close attention to the gemological certificate! Is your sole warranty at the end of the day.




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