Migraines and headaches

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Initially, dot dots or streaks will appear before your eyes. Then, there will be a host of symptoms: congestion, muscle cramps, hallucinations, irritability, depression, numbness, constipation or diarrhea. These symptoms are warning signals.
Then, the pain strikes! It can range from mild discomfort to crippling suffering, and can last from a few minutes to several days. In most cases the pain will appear on one side of the head, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This is a description of the classic migraine case involving millions of people, and even children. Most migraine sufferers are women.

Migraine is inherently different from the common headache caused by stress and usually surrounds the entire head. It is accompanied by nausea and vomiting only in particularly severe cases.

Experts believe that migraines are a genetic component. However, there are many inherited and unrelated genetics – such as being able to cope with stress and anger, posture or dietary habits that play a significant role in the onset of migraine. Furthermore, genes are not necessarily sentenced – they can cause tendencies toward certain situations, but not necessarily lead to situations themselves. There is no specific gene associated with the phenomenon of migraine.

Headaches in bundles appear suddenly and tightly fitting. They begin up one side of the face in the nostril area and extend toward the eye on the same side of the face. Seizures tend to appear from time to time several times in bundles ranging from weeks to months. For no apparent reason, the flashes slowly recede. Men between the ages of 20-40 suffer from them more frequently.

The treatments for headaches, of course, are given according to the factors that led to their appearance. Pain arising from vision problems will be treated with appropriate vision glasses. Headaches caused by sinus or ear infections will replace with the disappearance of the inflammation. But, the most common headaches are treated by painkillers. Such treatment does not actually solve the problem that caused the pain, but only addresses the symptoms. This is why a lot of money is invested in medicines that bring relief, and do not solve the problem.

Will chiropractic help me?
For more than a century, her natural approach, devoid of the chiropractic’s drug intervention, has been a boon for migraine sufferers and headaches. Chiropractors are the only ones who specialize in spine testing to repair vertebral subluxations – a condition that directly affects the spine, nerves, Joints, discs and other structures. These subluxations are very common and can weaken the body, cause fatigue and pain, low energy levels, and form the basis for various diseases. You can read more on Chiropractor Dubai Marina page, all about back pain.

It is important to note that the purpose of chiropractic is not to cure illness, but to correct spinal subluxations. Such treatment allows the body to recover and reach a good level of health in order to heal itself.

The chiropractic test
With the help of hands, x-rays, and various spine exams, the chiropractor is able to determine If you suffer from subluxations. If this is indeed the case, the chiropractor will treat you with this disruption. The treatment will remove pressure from neurotransmitters, correct spinal deformities, improve body functions and promote the body’s natural healing power. Our clinic has computerized and specialized posture tests.

Spine / headache relationship
The causes of headaches have always been a medical mystery. Recent studies have found that headaches have a common frequency of neurodegenerative disorders in the brain and spine. For this reason, the chiropractic method helps many of the people with headaches because these pains are caused by spinal problems, especially in the neck area. This phenomenon causes a headache – a headache from a neck source.
A study of 6,000 people with recurring headaches for two to 25 years showed that spinal disorders are the most common cause of headaches in general.




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