Three ways to decorate your walls

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can be neutral and give a stage to the furniture and accessories, but they can be more invested and dominant in the interior design of the space. There are many ways to design walls, from simple painting, through various claddings to real textures and works of art. It is important to adapt the wall design to the nature of the space, its size and contents and of course to choose appropriate shades.

The white wall

Smooth wall in some shade of white. Although only with a concentrated look at the fan of colors can you notice the subtle differences between the shades, but when it fills the entire wall we will find that the color we chose and the atmosphere created in the room are significant, so it is recommended to delve into options before choosing the color.

The white wall is recommended when the space is relatively crowded with furniture and other accessories or when the whole concept is based on minimalism, white tones or as a background for contrasting touches of color.

Advantages: Simple and easy to implement and its cost is the cheapest.

Disadvantages: Easily soiled by handprints and touches of furniture.

Solutions: Walking around the house with gloves is not the ideal solution, but cleaning with a wonder sponge has been found to be effective in removing most types of dirt, including greasy dirt. If necessary, you can occasionally cover the stained areas with a new coat of paint.

The colorful wall

Whether it’s a room that is entirely painted in a colored shade or just one or two of its walls, here the selection is much larger, as the number of shades in the fan. Using special sponges.

When it comes to a relatively small room or cluttered with items in strong shades, it is advisable to choose a light shade to brighten it up and give it a sense of space. In larger rooms you can also choose relatively dark shades. When choosing to paint, decorate or cover only one wall, to emphasize it in the room, you should choose a wall that will look from the entrance or the main stay in the room, such as the wall at the back of the bed, the wall in front of the sofa or the TV wall.

Advantages: Simple and easy to apply and the cost is not more expensive than white paint.

Disadvantages: In many cases the shade that seems appropriate in the color fan looks different when it covers the entire wall.

Solutions: It is recommended to choose a light shade in one degree from the desired shade in the color fan. You can also purchase small samples of several options and use them to cover areas on the wall. In this way it will be possible to examine the hue in its desired place and in the existing lighting in the space.

Wall PaintingsĀ 

A painted or patterned wall is a work of art for everything and can be done by a professional or amateur painter. The painting adds interest and atmosphere to the room, especially when it is well executed and fits the color scale and character of the space. You can draw with your free hand and you can use stencils or marking with duct tape. If you want really quality walls paintings, you can find here Painters near me – the best ones.

Pros: Adds beauty and decoration without images. Anyone who knows the job can save on purchasing wallpaper.

Disadvantages: Fixed in place without the possibility of transferring to another location.

Solution: None really, but can be eliminated immediately by a smooth coat of paint.




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Three ways to decorate your walls

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