A healthy soul in a healthy body

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“A healthy soul in a healthy body”. Here is a popular slogan that is played by everyone. But is it really possible to heal or strengthen the mind through exercise?
Let’s start from the basics and see what exercise contributes to our bodies. Exercise improves physical fitness, which is defined as “a set of components that reflect the physical ability needed to perform daily tasks and functions in vitality and alertness, without excessive fatigue and energy, enabling recreational activities and meeting the required tasks in emergencies” (Dr. Inbar, p. Of the effort).
That is, physical fitness is the ability to function everyday.

Healthily Many studies have found a direct link between having regular physical activity to reduce the possibility of coronary heart disease, balancing blood lipids, balancing blood pressure, maintaining normal weight, reducing mental stress, and extending life expectancy (Dr. Meckel, J. Fitness) , Improving cognitive abilities, Delaying Alzheimer’s development, Improving blood plasma beta androspin concentration (Exercise prevents fibromyalgia in ptsd men. DR Arnson, Y. (2007)).
As mentioned, exercise contributes to maintaining body health and helps to function daily.

Mental health research shows some unanimity on the issue. Certainly regular exercise contributes to its role in maintaining proper body weight. This issue is significant in patients taking medication because there are drugs that suppress hunger and, in contrast, drugs that develop an overweight eating disorder.

The same thing about maintaining a proper blood pressure level that can be affected by the drugs, if only a few examples. Exercise undoubtedly provides all the physiological needs required for proper body maintenance.

But can and how exercise can contribute to improving the mental state or mental illness?

Dr. Hezi Aharoni reviewed several sources in his article “Movement, Exercise, and Sports: Tools for Healing, Therapy, and Rehabilitation” and notes that in recent decades, people who are more physically active are less likely to be depressed than those who are inactive. A built-in exercise can lower anxiety and depression and reduce the use of antidepressants
(Simons, Epstein, McGowan, Kupfer & Robertson, 1985; North, McCullagh, & Tran, 1990). The effect of physical exertion on improving mood and reducing depression in people suffering from mental illness or mental illness. The changes that took place after participating in physical activity were mainly a decrease in negative moods (anger, aggressiveness), in addition to increasing alertness and reducing exhaustion.

Researchers believe that structured and strenuous exercise affects a number of hormonal and neural mechanisms that cause mood changes (Dubnov and Barry, 1998;
Gleser & Mendelberg, 1990; Young, 1996). In contrast, Dr. Uri Bergman in his study of “Developing Exercise through Exercise for Post-Terrorist Combat Response Victims” found no differences between the groups in psychiatric symptomology and postoperative symptomatology. It has partial reference in previous studies (Solomon et al., 1987).
In addition, no significant differences were found between the groups in the effect on the amount and types of drugs.

This study provides an explanation for the contribution of physical activity to increasing self-control among post-paraplegic casualties as a result of improving functional self-control. Along with the development of self-control skills, no positive symptomatological changes, both psychopathological and post-parental, have been demonstrated. That is, physical activity provided a partial contribution to several states of self-control but no evidence of affect on mental health was found.




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